What the hell is wrong with Philly?

Been getting some odd reports from Philadelphia. A bike messenger is seriously injured and they want to outlaw brakeless fixed gears and impose cyclists be licensed.

Here is a part of what is going on:

In October of this year, there were two separate fatal accidents in Philadelphia in which cyclists hit pedestrians. This was such an unusual situation that the media made a big deal about it, and the Philadelphia City Council introduced several bills regarding bicycles. The bills would hugely increase the fines for breaking some traffic laws on a bicycle, require bicycle owners to license their bicycle, and outlaw brakeless fixed-gear bicycles. On November 21st, the Philadelphia Police Department sent officers on bicycles to Rittenhouse Square in Downtown Philly to enforce traffic laws for bicycles. Bicycle laws continued to be a hot issue in the media and out in the streets, and the whole thing came to a head early on Thanksgiving morning.

and this video from a recent rally of couriers against proposed laws.

Read the whole report from Chicago Couriers

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