Winner of last weeks contest

The winner of last week’s ipod touch contest is this gem from Kevin Dillard.
slaughterama4 006
The theme of the week was: The most loaded bike, and this one from Slaughterama in Richmond, VA shows off a nice load of people trying to fit on one bike, which is one of the events of this awesome gathering of bike freaks. Although I really like this attempt from the previous weeks winner, Brian Griggs which really plays on the theme of loaded.


Kevin wins 1000 points towards the ipod and a beenie hat from the movie B.I.K.E.

will give Brian 100 points for the nice attempt and this submission from Ed Boyak which is slightly more fitting:
Copy of moving day 006

So here are how things stand:
Brian Griggs has 1100 points
Kevin Dillard has 1000 points and
Ed Boyak has 100 points.

And now for this weeks theme:

We are looking for photos of someone riding while talking on their phone or using an ipod. Now Bikeblognyc, does not condone this behavior, but we know it exists, so the more egregious the better. Feel free to stage these photos, creativity counts but more points if you get a good “gotcha” of someone txting while riding or straight up, no hands riding will playing a new iphone app in one hand and answering their nextel in the other.

This weeks prize is a DVD of the documentary B.I.K.E., who are also makers of the new Tall Bike Joust App.

Good luck.

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