A new facebook group, “My Building hates the environment”

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Today I had a dream. That one day buildings all over NYC will truly be free for cyclists.
It’s safe to say that cyclists don’t face the same hurdles like Dr. King and the freedom riders of Birmingham Alabama, with dogs and water cannons, but here in NYC we’ve got some strong obstacles to overcome.

Last week I read this article from John Prolly’s popular blog:

An anonymous reader wrote in about having some friction with bringing his bike into his place of work. He wrote in:

“Hi John,

The building I work in will only allow for bikes through the freight elevator (I’m aware that this is legit), however it’s only open from 8-5. 90% of the employees in the building leave after 6pm. Here’s the biggest kick in the nuts, management wants to charge $75 per person if you choose to take your bike out of the building past 5pm! I asked if we could use the stairwell…”nope”. I asked, “what rights do the owners have to fine people?”, no real answer to that either!


According to the new bikes in building law which took effect in the middle of December last year, commercial buildings in NYC with freight elevators are required to allow bikes access as long as their is a request from the tenants and an agreeable plan is drafted.

This was a huge milestone in getting the law on your side and strong steps closer to making more access for people who ride their bikes to work.

But judging by the complaint above, its seems as if there are still many hurdles to get over. That is why I created the facebook group: My Building Hates the Environment.

The goal of this group is to monitor and evaluate how this bill is being implemented and weather buildings are being agreeable or creating more friction. If there is positive usage of the bill, then let us know so other buildings can lead by example. If there are stories like the one from Prolly’s reader, then we need the hear about and launch a campaign of public ridicule that lets people know which buildings hate bikes and in my opinion, hate the environment. This way we can not only have the law on our side but the support of the cycling community as well.

Join this group today and lets start organizing.

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