Climate SOS

Judging by what happened in Copenhagen during the multilateral talks of COP15 and continued negotiations of the Kyoto Treaty, the worlds leaders methods of dealing with the crisis is to give them a free pass to pollute. Our supposed leaders in their infinite wisdom don’t want to piss off their corporate backers and find renewable sources of energy like all of the worlds scientists are urging for. Instead they’d rather find ways to continue to drill for oil and pay off the poorer nations for their moronic destruction of the one palace we all live, maybe you heard of it…planet Earth.

The madness is continuing here in NYC with the Carbon Trade Summit.

Got word there will be talks and demonstrations. More info at Counter Carbon Trade Summit

also got this info from facebook:

“On Tuesday and Wednesday there will be activities outside of the Carbon Trade Summit to demonstrate our resistance! Please join us and help grow a movement!

Tuesday at noon: Climate Scientist and outspoken critic of carbon trade, JAMES HANSEN will be joined by Father Paul Mayer, a leader of the religious community and co-founder of Climate Crisis Coalition, Cecil Corbin-Mark from West Harlem Environmental Action, and Charles Komanoff from the Carbon Tax Center. They will speak and deliver a letter to the chair of the carbon summit denouncing carbon trade.

Wednesday at noon: RALLY AND PROTEST with possible nonviolent civil disobedience! Time to make our message clearly heard inside the summit: carbon trade is a sham! We demand real solutions, not profiteering from crisis!

Both events are at the Irish Hunger Memorial, outside the Carbon Trade SUmmit in the Embassy SUites.

(Nearest stop: World Trade Center (E train): walk 1 block south to Vesey St., turn right (west), cross West St., and continue west past the Embassy Suites Hotel to the Irish Hunger Memorial.
OR: From Chambers St. station (A, C, 1, 2, 3): 5 short blocks south to Vesey St., continue as above.
OR: From City Hall station (R, W) or Park Place (2, 3): 2-3 blocks south to Vesey St., continue as above.”

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