Friday, events.

Its freezing cold outside in NYC and Friday is a good day to read lots of spam by UGG boots and Christian Louboutin who keep posting comments on my blog. Thanks for the interest guys, but only if you have them in green. Friday is a day to make lots of short postings so without much detail, here are a whole bunch of upcoming bike culture related events around the globe: (Check the flyers for Dates)

An ancient, classic from Minneapolis. Its freezing, its drunken…it’s STUPOR BOWL 13 (info at

Richmond Virginia fixed is throwing a tricks comp.

Portland Oregon’s first tweed ride:

By Jove, get some tweed ol chap and Check out TweedPdX

Also a Tricks event and more, 2 days in Portland at the Bridgetown Hustle:

Savanna, GA is having a bicycle festival in March, called Spoked:
Find out more at their Blog

There are some POLO events, In So CAL:

Barcelona, Super Sexy:

Some film screening information:
Here in NYC, it’s Bike Shorts, the monthly festival where you can win a hundred bucks cash for your five minute bicycle short. Now in a new joint in Brooklyn, Public Assembly NYC, formerly Galapogos in Williamsburg, 70 N. 6th St between Kent & Wythe

There is Filmed by Bike in Portland Oregon in April 16th-18th.
Here is a trailer:Get your submissions in now.

Vancouver’s signature fixed gear film is sweeping the country…the Revival. It’s having a screening in Boulder Colorado:
Here’s a trailer-

THE REVIVAL from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

More info on the screening: boulderfixedgear
The Revival’s website here.

Screening and Gold Sprints in LA:

Check out the cool blog: TOLA
and an alleycat on February 6th,
and event on the 7th, Stupid Cupid.
Stupid Cupid

The UK, courier roller race championships, February 19th. Check out the messenger blog in London, Moving Target Zine.

Pedal Consumption is reporting gold sprints in Bologna, Italy.

The Philly Bike Messenger Association is having a winter prom, ok I mean a social.
More info at the Facebook page

and a couple of events from

DOWN and Dirty in the MUD, in California.
It’s the Grasshopper adventure series cyclocross. More info here.


The Soil Saloon
Willy's Winter Warmer

and looking to the future,
The RedHook’s Criteruim will be:

March 20th, 2010

A message from race organizer, Dave August:

The Red Hook Criterium enters it’s 3rd year in 2010.

As my birthday tradition this race is “fixed” and brakeless only. The format remains the same. 20 fast laps around a tight, twisty, and dangerous circuit through the desolate Red Hook neighborhood in Brooklyn.

The racing circuit follows last year’s route including the now infamous “Otsego Chicane” and the “Beard Street Cobbles”.

Race Information:

Date: Saturday, March 20th
Registration: 9:00pm-10:45pm
Start Time: 11:00 pm
Race Length: 20 Laps (approx 35 minutes)
Equipment: 1. Fixed-gear brakeless required
2. Helmets required
3. 49×15 recommend gearing
4. Puncture resistant tires highly recommended

Entry Fee: $15

Primes: 1. End of the first lap
2. End of the halfway point lap.

Prizes: TBA

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