Having a great time here in San Francisco

Got a rare opportunity to travel to a few cities for an IBM commercial. Had a brief time in Miami but didn’t get much time to explore other than a stroll along the beach.


Of course we picked the one day to shoot that was record cold and raining. Guess i didn’t need those short sleeves and shorts I packed. What was I thinking, Miami being warm?


Thanks to our amazing grip and electric crew of Ben Kanegson, Jimmy and Chris.

Now I’m in San Francisco and got a few days off.

Being in the land of the original critical mass, I knew the best way to get around was by bicycle so my first stop was to rent one at Pacific Bicycle.

Picture 2

I’m sure there are other places to rent bikes, but this was the closest shop to my hotel and I was in a hurry to get on bike.

Pacific Bicycle is a big shop which seem to cater to the roadie set, judging by the sweet Cervelos and swanky road bikes. They are located at: 345 4th Street, next to the whole foods. The rent hybrid bikes for $25.00 a day and will give you a prorated deal for the week. They give you a lock and helmet too.

I had a brief conversation with one of the friendly sales people there about riding in SF and bike security. Although most people seem to use U-locks it seems as if petty theft of parts not nailed down has gotten fairly common, not to mention the whole bike, even locked up. I’ve been using a cable and a u-lock and taking my seat inside but for the most part trying to take the bike in if its overnight.

Headed over to Chrome headquarters to see their operation. They’ve been making amazing messenger bags and gear for the urban biker for over 14 years and seem to be outfitting many of the SF bikers that I’ve seen riding around.


If you get the chance check them out there great store at 580 4th St.

Yesterday I rode around and meet up with Matthew Roth, former NYC Time’s up volunteer who moved out to SF to work as one of the main writers for SF Streetsblog.

Leanne was also in town from Time’s Up so we spent some time riding around the Mission.

Picture 3

Our goal was to go to the famous biker and cyclist bar Zeitgeist, where they let you bring your bike in the bar and park it in their big outdoor space. My good friend and film maker, Jesse Epstein, reminded me of a story when she went there a few years back. She was shooting the trailer for the Bicycle Film Festival with famous dj and freewheel hill bomber Ted Shred. The bouncer at the bar wouldn’t let her film there. They struck up a conversation and talked about this being for the bicycle film festival and that Jesse helped make the warriors documentary…”You made the warriors?” said the bouncer surprised…”Ok you can shoot in here.” The street cred lives.

Well it turns out Zeitgiest was closed for a staff party so I’ll have to go back there tonight.

Meanwhile Leanne, Matthew and I rode around and ended up at Docsclocks bar where we had some local infused vodka from Hangar one which is distilled here in town. I enjoyed the Buddha’s hand…yum!

Then we got some great burritos and fish tacos from Papalote, and meet a random stranger named: Rob Villanueva. We marveled at his sweet Colnago. Not a surprise to see a lot of nice rides here.

We hung out at Matthews place for a while and then took a walk up to the top of this massive hill in Bernal Heights. We got this amazing view of the city, which this low grade image does not justice.


In the daytime you can grab some images like this:
4062064398_0c01f12627_b(photo by Pterosaur Whisper’s)

After that things got kind of hazy. Matthew set our Burning Man fun meter to Max.

I think we had this really amazing spicy bloody mary at a place called El Rio

good times.

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  • RobVSF

    Nice job Michael! You were able to hit all the prime spots in the short time you were here in SF. Next time you’re in town, try taking the sweet ride from Golden Gate Park, through the Presidio, over the Golden Gate bridge and into Sausalito or Tiburon. It’s much easier and faster than you might think, and the views are incredible. Have some brunch or sushi at your destination then take one of the ferries back into town. You’ll be happy you did.

    Have fun and keep riding!