ipod touch contest–Final week

This is the final week of the Ipod touch contest. We had a bit of an extension and I wanted to announce last week’s winner. Brian Griggs nailed it again:
pictures! 308
pictures! 307

I mean, come on. Not only is it a guy using an ipod, its on a tallbike…not only a tallbike, but a tallbike tandem. Sweet.

So Brian wins 1,000 points and the DVD of the documentary B.I.K.E, made by Fredric King which was a large inspiration for the new set to release Tall Bike Joust app/game.

So here is a recap of the points so far:

Brian Griggs has 2100 points
Kevin Dillard has 1000 points and
Ed Boyak has 100 points.

This brings us to the last week of the contest and a new theme. Its rather simple: Your best mutant bike. Send in a picture of your best mutant bike, chopper, tallbike…something you can’t even describe. 500 bonus points if this is involved in a joust.

Good Luck. The winner will be decided at the end of the week Sunday.

2 comments to ipod touch contest–Final week

  • Kevin Poor

    I know that guy and he is definitely texting, not using an iPod

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