The big sports competition of the Midwest was not the annihilation of NY Jets by the Indianapolis Colts, but rather the annihilation of a huge wall by NYC’s sickest rider Wonka.

Scene here by Prolly, Lockedcog and posted by: Ronsta36.

Yes, kids rail slides are not longer for skates and the bmx set.

The Fixed gears have taken over and came together for a huge trix competition in Milwaukee, WI known as the Midwest Mayhem.

Lots more updates coming from someone who was actually there… Prolly.

One of the big sponsors of the big event was Cog Magazine who will be launching there 8th issue of detailed photos and articles deep into the heart of bike culture.

Looks like they will be having a sneak peek into Empire, NYC’s calling card to the pool of fixed gear movies such as SF’s and MACKAFRAMA.

Picture 3

Check out the photos of Empire’s creators Luke Stiles and Chris Thormann here.
Taken by Cog’s own Raymond McCrea Jones.

Old news, but there was an article about Empire in the NY Times Cycling related blog, spokes.

New news, there will be another biker jam in Milwaukee, this time for the messenger crowd:

stay tuned.

And speaking of Messengers, who says they don’t care? Next week is a race for Haiti…

Here in NYC.

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