Shout out to POM

Picture 9
Gotta give a big shout out to Ryan Wilkins of Pom Wonderful who sent me a case of their delicious pomegranate juice. This stuff has is made with 100% juice which gives me lots of energy to keep up with this guy…
And Max isn’t even walking yet.

We did give him a doctor kit…no pressure, which judging by his pretend surgeries on his gorilla, I need all the healthy help I can get.

Besides, POM is scientifically proven to help in the areas of the prostate, cardiovascular and erectile function, and loaded with antioxidants, which is probably a lot healthier then my other favorite drink…
(photo by: Justin Sullivan Photography)

Meanwhile, it looks like one of my favorite breweries in the Pacific Northwest, Pryamid, has a new spring fling ale coming out. Hey guys…don’t let the POM people be out done…send cases immediately.
Picture 13

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