Tall Bike Joust app is out.

A while back I was approached by a couple of characters from my past and told about this new iphone app coming out where you get to virtually engage in the real sport of Kings, Tall Bike Jousting. I mean besides such useful information as what are the cleanest toilets in NYC like Sit or Squat, iphone apps have mildly impressed me. Somewhere I read that the iphones graphic capacity far out weighs that PSP gaming system, which always struck me as kind of a strange statement because isn’t a playstation designed for games? And why the hell are most of the games for the iphone kind of basic looking such, crayon physics …which is a pretty sweet game, btw?

Well I was kind of skeptical when Keith was telling me about this game but also rather honored that he was thinking of me for some what of an exclusive promotion. Besides, tall bikes seem to bring out strange controversies, remember the window etching incident, of Brooklyn Industries? There was a good chance that someone from the gutter punk DIY community might take offense with their world being fucked with and who knows, attack the apple store for desecrating an off limits culture who adheres to living in a society that is against the mainstream, wasteful consumerism and corporate mono culture. Turns out that artist and the world tall bike jousting champion Doyle, was down with this project and whole heatedly allowed himself to be motion captured for the game, so we can argue punk politics and the tactics of property destruction for political gains another time. For now, I think the intention was to make a fun game based on a bizarre and insane underground bike sport and somehow pay tribute to bike clubs and fringe DIY bike culture that even Freegans might have a laugh at.

So it took a while to work the bugs out on the game and the actual release date got pushed back a few weeks. Then Keith who was promoting the game went off and got married, and the producer of the game Fredric King went off to Sundance, selfish bastards. They left me here in the dark and cold to tell the world:


Here is a little video of the game play.

Fredric of fountainhead pictures and a gaming division of curious pictures got together and formed bikeclubgames as the site to promote a pretty damn fun tribute to fringe bike culture.
I haven’t fully had a chance to check out too much of the game but for $2.99, basically you pick your jouster male or female, that’s right the Ladies joust too.
Picture 7

and the go on a world tour of Jousting in all the key cities related to the sport: Brooklyn, Reno, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, New Orleans and of course…Minneapolis…the home of Black Label.

The game play is great, you pedal the your tall bike with a Doom style POV using controls on the right and left. Then you use the iphone to aim your lance, line up your target and press the button when you think you’ve got your opponent in the zone, which is indicated with multi-colored circle.
Picture 8

The jousting gets progressively harder as you work your way through the different cities. Along the way your shit will get broken and there is an elaborate system for getting back into top shape, which is also a nice tribute to some of the politics of bike clubs, such as recycling and reusing bikes and being less wasteful.

So if you missed bike kill this year and were upset you didn’t get to try out a tallbike and get impaled at top speed and wind up on someones flickr account, I suggest go out and dumpster dive yourself an Iphone and start practicing.

This game is a hoot and has a great soundtrack too with artists like Japanther and Matt & Kim who have always been down with fringe bikers.

Here are a few write ups on the game:

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  • Kalice

    Just bought the talk bike joust app and it is awesome! it is something entertaining to do while in on the subway. people i show the game to think its pretty cool. You have to check it out!

  • hello tall bike is fun,we are tall bikers from yogyakarta,indonesia.