Tragedy strikes just day's after memorial ride.

Not more than 2 days after the 5th annual memorial ride in NYC which occurred last Sunday, I get tragic news from Bill DiPaola executive director of Time’s Up who was on the scene of an accident.

Looks as if a woman was killed by a large yellow school bus Eastbound on Delancey Street which occured around 4:00pm today.

Details are still coming in and there is already a report on Streets Blog from Ben Fried.

This Picture from WABC of an overhead shot of Delancey around Ludlow St.

I think its about time we get a bike lane on Delancey Street. Please feel free to comment on this.

The NY Post is reporting about this accident as well and with news that this is the third death today involving motor vehicles.

It’s really hard to imagine that only two days ago we were paying respects to the tragedies of 2009. I can’t believe I’m even putting this in the same posting but here is a report back from the memorial ride form Garret Mok, who braved the freezing temperatures and took photographs.

“Riders from Street Memorial Project, Time’s Up!, Transportation Alternatives, Five Borough Bicycle Club, Dykes on Bike-Cycles, Fast & Fabulous, and other cycling and bike advocacy groups showed up 3p at Grand Army Plaza to blowing snow for the Brooklyn leg of the memorial ride. Brooklyn has the six of the ten new ghosts bikes in NYC for 2009 (the eleventh was dedicated post-ride in Greenpoint Reformed Church), and was the last part of the day-long commemoration.

The first stop was in Park Slope for an unnamed rider on 5th Ave and Dean. The second stop was in Fort Greene for Julian Miller on Greene & Washington. Next we rode to Williamsburg Bridge for Dan Valle. Then to Moore & Bushwick for Eliseo Martinez, and Morgan & Harrison for Aurelio Perez. The last stop was in Greenpoint for Solange Raulston on Nassau & McGuinness. It was a somber, cold ride. By the time it ended, it was about low to mid-twenties. During the six stops, riders hurdled together for warmth and in sadness. When friends and family of the victims spoke in remembrance of their loved ones, everyone were invariably moved.”


See the full set of Garret’s pictures here.
Thanks for doing this Garret.

My condolences to all the grieving families of today’s tragedies. Those who have died senselessly on the streets.
Ride Safe.

11 comments to Tragedy strikes just day’s after memorial ride.

  • anon

    I was just hit on Delancey and Essex in a couple months ago. Luckily my bike took the brunt of it and I was thrown clear. People drive like Nascar+bumper cars on that street. A bike lane would be a big improvement, but it would probably continue to be very hairy. I’ve started taking Grand instead and avoid Delancey as much as possible now.

  • ps

    I pass through here regularly. It’s the city’s responsibility to take care of everybody that needs to share that thoroughfare.
    It’s true, the cars drive crazy leading up to and coming off of the bridge. Even though there’s almost always bumper to bumper traffic, either on the bridge or in Brooklyn. If drivers act like children, they should be treated like children and governed to drive consciously and aware of their surroundings.
    Pedestrians and cyclists put their lives in danger, being anywhere on Delancy St. The City and DOT need to overhaul it’s plans and policies ASAP!..

  • e

    Yes Delancey is a scary place and bikers & pedestrians continue to be at risk of their lives until the City makes it safer — but if there were a bike lane, the school bus probably would have parked in it and backed up over this poor woman anyhow. No charges filed. Rest in Peace.

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  • rah

    Yeah, but it needs to be a buffered bike lane so that people in vehicles can’t park in it or otherwise block it. How many more bicyclists need to die before the NYPD starts enforcing bike lane violations by cars and trucks?

  • crayon

    many more will die sadly, because bloomberg and the city
    of ny does not care about cyclists and does not and will not ever enforce these laws while he is in power.

  • Jor

    Sad :-(

    did fighting break out because of this crash? I ask because I searched on Twitter for Delancey and someone tweeted about youths fighting on this corner and being put in cop car at the time. I wondered if it was angry cyclists???

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  • In these days the behaviour of car driver is really rude and we on our bikes cannot do against those ‘animals’. Hopefully the government will help with some policies…

  • Sam

    I don’t think the government is going to give any help to us. During the critical mass at the republican national convention everyone was taking a stand for more than just biking. Maybe it’s time to take a stand on just biking.

  • Sad news, that woman’s death will now be added on to the many statistics in the are and we should fight on, bike lane, bike lane, bike lane…