Williamsburg Bike Lane Wars Debate.

James Hook is hosting debates in a series called:

Open City Dialogue (OCD)
a bi-monthly lecture series curated by Greenpoint resident James Hook, and unraveling on alternating Mondays in the backroom of Pete’s Candy Store.

Short (35-40 minute) lectures are woven together from the common thread of people’s obsessions, with guests coming from all over Greater New York. Whether academic or crackpot; celebrated or unsung, our lecturers all have something to tell you.

Next Up:


MONDAY, Jan. 25, 7:30pm
(709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn)

On December 8, 2008, at 3:30am, rogue bikers Quinn Hechtropf and Catherine Piccochi were nabbed by South Williamsburg’s Satmar Hassidic community’s Shromrin Patrol for illegally re-painting a bike-lane that had the week before been controversially removed from Bedford Avenue by the city, for reasons murky at best. Thus began the great Willliamsburg Bike Wars, a Hipsters vs. Hassidim saga whose players include a who’s who of Bikesters, Hassidic High-rollers, and even Mayor Bloomberg himself! Join us at Pete’s as we give out stage over to an array of players to hear out both sides of the issue.

Guests include Caroline Samponaro of Transportation Alternatives and Biking Rules!; Bike messenger Heather Loop,; Satmar representative and City Council Candidate Isaac Abraham, and Hassidic Bike Enthusiast and founder of Tarif Bike Geshaft Baruch Herzfeld.

4 comments to Williamsburg Bike Lane Wars Debate.

  • Waltzing Matlida

    Riding a bike makes me a hipster? I’ve been accused of being many things, but never that…

  • Sam

    Riding a bike doesn’t make anyone a hipster, it just makes you someone who rides a bike. Either way I’m there.

  • Baruch

    The word hipster is used to categorize people living in certain neighberhoods who usually prefer not to be labeled or categorize. Nobody will ever admit to being a hipster. we might as well embrace the label to disarm it, as gays did with the word queer, along with the words trustafarian and skinny jeans wearing, whole-foods eating gentrifiers.

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