Another stolen bike

This looks like a recognizable one, so be on the look out.
From the owner George Zaslav:
“Hi I am 22 years of age I am a student.
My neon green fixi was stolen on 02/02/2010. It’s green with red front brakes short straight bar with red grips
a checkered top tube protector, Zero light wheels.
It has a sticker with a bunny holding a bong a king headset
a communist badge on the front.
A sticker that says this bike is fueled with illegal drugs on the side and
a carbon fork in the front if any one sees my baby my only means of transport please call me at (646) 255-6981
it was stolen around Brighton Beach Brooklyn.

Any information contact:

5 comments to Another stolen bike

  • Simon Verschelde

    Foolish video. I would wisely remove it if you are serious about this otherwise great blog and the donation-button.
    That’s what i think.

  • fish

    when y see three dudes beating one guy i get sick. one o one makes sense but this is the wrong concentration of violence. bikes are great but finally only matter. so kick asses to all that beat you and people you love but not for a doner kebab.
    not love but peace aka i´m not a hippie

  • phil

    i have to agree with the critiques of the video. as much as i dislike bike theft, violence is violence, and it sucks. no need to justify, praise or encourage it in any manner.

    on another note, i feel one should also think about why some folks steal bikes. some bike thieves, may not necessarily be getting a great deal on this. they may well be way down in the whole theft-ring hierarchy getting diddly squat though he bears the brunt of retaliation or arrest. let’s be realistic here.

    peace and understanding, not violence.

  • Paul

    Ya this video makes me a little sick. I would suggest taking it down. While I agree no one on here likes bike thieves( trust I especially don’t since I have been a victim), videos like this have no value.


  • Paul

    George, keep a look out on craigslist. That’s where I found my bike. Ridiculous I know.