Bike Blog news, Bucky, Sally and James.

Just wanted to give a shout out to Bucky Turco of the blog,for getting mentioned in the top 20 blogs about NYC in the Village Voice, this week. Animal has a very insightful look into NYC graffiti and street art culture and he’s got a thing for bikes too. It’s kind of like the Vice magazine of Gothamist.

Nice work Bucky.

Meanwhile I discovered a few other bike blogs I thought I’d shed some light on:

Sally Carson is a web designer and fixed gear rider out of Richmond Virginia. Check out her site Fixpert.

More about her from her bio: I’m a retired bicycle messenger. I used to suffer through every type of weather delivering packages on my bike in New York City, and then in Richmond, Virginia. Here on, I write about a lot of issues that touch on city cycling and messengering. Spending two years as a messenger completely changed the course of my life (in a positive way) and was the spark that made me fall in love with bikes forever and ever. ( love you bikeys! <3 <3 <3 )

Then I found James D. Schwartz who created the blog the urban country.
His bio:
James is a Technology Consultant, Writer and tree-hugger, living a simple urban life in his downtown Toronto loft with fiancé Han and dog Mojo. He loves the outdoors and enjoys writing about cycling, simple living, and other topics that affect our everyday lives.

He recently posted an interesting article on the deception of bike lanes, and how they’re really designed for motorists. Check out his insights on vehicular cycling at this post.

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