Bikeblog NYC turns six!

In the warm sun of Pamplona, Spain, thrill seekers flock to run from an insane horde of sharp horned beasts in the running of the bulls. In Nome Alaska, adventurers brave frigid temperatures and long miles of extreme endurance for the Iditarod, world famous dog sled race. Both of these exhibitions, involve animals and here is NYC we have our own creature involved in a bizarre spectacle called: The Idiot. This species have to be half crazy to run a few miles in costume, strapped to a shopping cart in an event known as the Idiotarod. Perhaps its for the drunken stupidity of it all, or to answer a calling to engage in a unsanctioned, non-permitted event which is yearning deep inside many New Yorkers. Maybe its just a chance to get yourself fifteen seconds of fame on NY’s permiere blog/news site Gothamist.

Here is some coverage of the event in case you missed it.

(photo by Katie Sokoler for Gothamist)

I feel the need to tip my hat to any type of event that has a renegade street theater spirit and makes the NYPD scratch their heads and say, “UH, should I be busting this?”

For me it a signature event and when I see the makings of costumed people pushing shopping carts I know its about the moment I made my first blog posting back in February of 2005.

Actually it was a posting on the 1st of the month and was pretty brief: “The streets of New York City have a lot of random ice spots still on them but comuting to work by bike, is still the way to go.” With lengthy insights like this, I knew I was destined to be an authority of biking in NYC and become a blogger, especially one who can’t spell words like commuting.

So I have to congratulate myself and say that has officially turned 6 years old!

bikeblog six

So Thanks to me.
Thanks to all those who ride bikes in NYC and live to tell about it and blog about it.
Thanks to all those who have supported me and still not sure what the hell I’m doing.
Thanks to all the bike nerds around the world
Thanks to all those who have contributed to this blog.
Thanks to all those who give a shit about this city and want it to be a healthier, less polluted place and know that part of the answer is world bicycle domination.

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