Move over Kevin Bacon-Here comes the Messenger

There was a new narrative messenger movie shot here in NYC. Movement pictures is currently in post production on their movie described here:

About The Film
The Messenger is a short film about Kaya, 19, a midwesterner who leaves behind family and friends to follow her passion for cycling to New York City.
The film is about youth, passion and fate.

you can watch a teaser here (click image)

Seems like they did a lot of things right in making this short and having real NYC bikers and messengers contribute.

Looking at the cast list:

Joanna Schubert (Kaya)
Kellyn Lindsay (Angela)
Jamee Vance (Kaya’s Mom)
Yatika Starr Fields (himself, Yatika)
John-Taki Theodoracopulos (himself, as JT)
Bettina Bilger (Laura, woman on street)
Bobby (himself, Streetwise Manager)
Scott Klocksin (housemate)
Joan Lantz (nurse in park)
E. Jean (cab driver)
Natalia Krasnodebska (woman on cellphone)
Kelly Sebastian (office manager)
Heather L. Muller (bike messenger)
Nitzan Mager (woman in park)

Yatika Fields, Artist and Messenger was cast in the movie along with JT and Heather Muller. Right on.

Also Luke Stiles and Chris Thormann of Empire fame were used for in the streets bicycle videography.

Here is a little from their site about future plans:

We composed our shots with a big screen in mind and captured our footage with prime lenses. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to screen at major film festivals across the country and overseas in 2010.

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