NYBMA Dinner for Carmen

Carmen Burkart is leaving us. She’s one of only a handful of New York City’s full time female couriers. She’s heading back to her home country of Germany and the New York Bike Messenger Association along with her friends are hosting a farewell diner. Come by, say goodbye to Carmen and meet some […]

Bicycle Film Festival turns 10!

This year the bicycle film festival turns 10 years old, bringing you movies about bikes from Amsterdam to Zurich. It all started here in NYC. This year, our favorite bicycle film festival will be here: June 17-20th. They have extended their submission deadline to March 27th…So get crackin ———————— The Bicycle Film Festival […]

Bicycle Film Festival job opening

The Bicycle Film Festival is coming around again for another jam packed year of bike related movies. The NYC office has a great paid opportunity available and is looking for a tech savvy person to join their team:


The Bicycle Film Festival is looking for a Web and Multimedia Coordinator […]

Tech Watch: Hubless BMX

Ok, I’ve heard of no hand brakes on your track bike…now here’s no hubs on your BMX: Russian graphic designer Nikolay Boltachev has come up with the “BMX Concept.”

Read more at The Design Blog […]

Videos roundup–Yeehaw

What round up would be complete without a little tribute to Smokey and the Bandit.

Stevil Kinevil of and the Mission Workshop crew came up with this contest to win a bag for making the best bike parody of the classic Burt Reynolds movie.

Well yall– TCB Courier are Eastbound and downtown, […]

Move over Kevin Bacon-Here comes the Messenger

There was a new narrative messenger movie shot here in NYC. Movement pictures is currently in post production on their movie described here:

About The Film The Messenger is a short film about Kaya, 19, a midwesterner who leaves behind family and friends to follow her passion for cycling to New York City. The […]

Valentine’s the new Halloween

Wow, who knew there’d be all these events on Valentine’s weekend. Here is one in Seattle:

More info visit

and then they’ve got an event for Monday…President’s day. February 15th This race is a benefit for Counterbalance Racing and will raise money to help them pay for the events they do […]

Forgot about this event

in my Valentine’s weekend events:

The Cutthroats Presents– Philly’s Ballantine’s Day Massacre, Friday, February 12th. More info here.

RED HOOK CRIT…it’s coming

Today’s Caption this photo

Please play along, it will make me happy.