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I posted this video last week, but is a webseries about biking and food. Or, according to their website:



PEDALING: is a host-driven and character based web-series. Each episode highlights the best and most eclectic riding in the area and culminates in an informative and engaging lifestyle activity.

PEDALING Series is an original production of Panforte Productions and BrakeThrough Media. PEDALING NYC is presented in partnership with Specialized Bicycles, Whole Foods Market, Capo Forma, and with the promotional support of Bike New York.

Find out more at or hit them up on Facebook.

There will be a panel discussion, tasting as screening at the whole foods on Bowery, February 4th.
More info here.

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  • Kind of ironic that Whole Foods on Bowery still seems to struggle to keep their own trucks from blocking up the Chrystie street bike lane (southbound) for hours at a time.