Snow Fun

Looks like a lot of people are having fun in the snow, despite the cold weather and slippery road conditions.

Last weekend was the Time’s Up,” love your lanes ride, paying tribute to the bike lanes in NYC.
Ben Shepard wrote this report back:

“Dancing to “Sugar” and “Tears of the Clown” blaring from a roaring roving
sound bike, members of Times UP! regaled New York with a burst big love for their city and its ever expanding (and on Bedford Ave contracting) bike lanes.
The riders braved the cold from Washington Square park up 6th, East along the bike lane on 10th, around Tompkins Square Park. Most passed out lollypops and flyers listing reasons to love biking, including that its great for the environment and your health, its fun, it embodies what a pulsing joyous environmentally sustainable city can be, and finally that biking offers hope.
“Nothing shows love or keep you warm like biking in the snow” declared bike clown Hunka Munka, aka Monica Hunken. We rode through Tompkins Square Park, site of
countless rides and demos, and a space where many in the group have completed community service for defending the environment. There we showed the love for the dogs jamming to George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog.” And finally the ride ended as riders showed some love to Ray and his rent beseiged snack joint Ray’s Candy Store enjoying some cheese and chili fries. Joey served us peroggi’s in the dark room at Odessa as we listened to Nadette and Monica regale the group with travel stories. Thanks for for speading the love with the city Times UP!

Over and out, “Hank Tears of a Clown” Clown Benjamin Shepard”

Here’s a video from the ride:

Here in NYC, fixed gear freestyle aficionado John Prolly has been blogging about snow conditions.

blackice-PINP-thumb(photo by Prolly)

He’s one of those guys that refuses to take the train and rides no matter what mother nature dishes out:
Read more here.

The “snowpocalypse” isn’t stopping these two guys either. Sydney Hollis and his buddy Pat sent me this video of riding around Brooklyn.
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