Solidarity with Miami

This Sunday, in NYC, a dedicated group of six cyclists, braved the frigid temperatures and rode their bikes in a memorial ride. The purpose of their get together was to pay tribute to a 44 year old cyclist who was killed last month in Miami by a drunk driver. Last month the Miami community responded to this tragic death by hosting a memorial ride attended by over 2,500 riders. According to Stephen Arthur, a regular volunteer with Time’s Up and present on the NYC memorial, the riders meet up at Army Plaza and passed through Park Slope Brooklyn, to the Manhattan Bridge. Then they made their way through Chinatown, the Lower East Side, Soho, and then the East Village, and on their way back into Brooklyn over the Williamsburg Bridge. Along the way, they visited at least 10 ghost bikes including one of a 74 old year biker lady who was just mowed down by a bus, and killed last month.

The group carried a banner along with them that said, “Ride Solidarity.” Part of their tribute ride was recorded by Meaghan Wilbur, who is making a documentary about the white painted bicycle memorials known as the ghostbikes project.

Here is a trailer for her film:

It looks like she is using a site called which allows people to indivdually contribute to film works in progress, as well as other creative endeavors.

On the same day, Miami held another memorial ride and in a true act of solidarity, both cities connected via a phone call. The Miami ride had at least 40 riders, but its a tad bit warmer down south.
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In related news, the intoxicated driver who killed Le Canne, Carlos Bertonatti, has been brought back to jail for lying to homeland security about his passport. I guess drinking and driving, leaving the scene of a hit-and-run and potential vehicular manslaughter aren’t reason enough. Seems Mr. Bertonatti has missed four seperate court hearings for traffic violations and is not being upfront about his passport. Just the kind of guy you want getting wasted and operating a car. More on this here.

The judge has set an initial trial date for May 3rd, so standby for more solidarity rides in NYC and Miami.

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