Sticker this…Bicycle Safe Vehicles

Pedal Pushers Club makes sweet t’s like this:
Brett, wrote me to tell me about a new sticker campaign for motorists:

Congrats on 6 years, that’s like way old man in internet years. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up about a little campaign the Pedal Pushers Cub is running with the US Open of Cycling to sell some “Bicycle Safe Vehicle” stickers for people to slap on their cars. I Know most of your readers probably don’t have cars, but still thought you might be interested, The stickers are $2 ea including postage and $1.00 from each one will go to the US Open Foundation’s mission of teaching safe cycling to kids and adults.
The stickers are meant as a passive reminder to cyclists and drivers alike to pedal and drive safely to reduce accidents. People can learn more (and get the stickers) at


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