Videos roundup–Yeehaw

What round up would be complete without a little tribute to Smokey and the Bandit.

Stevil Kinevil of and the Mission Workshop crew came up with this contest to win a bag for making the best bike parody of the classic Burt Reynolds movie.
Picture 11

Well yall– TCB Courier are Eastbound and downtown, loaded up and truckin…winners.

Here is a commercial I found by Errol Morris, the real alternative fuel.

Videos from Prolly
Auckland is the most populated city in New Zealand. They’ve got an emerging fixed gear scene reported on the blog Chain Gang Kids. Here is a recent cut from their weekly ride called Tank Farm Tuesdays, by Sean Walllace.

Tank Farm Tuesday from sean wallace on Vimeo.

Nice little time lapse of Chris Thormann and Dan Chabanov doing some hanging out between runs. Ah to wear shorts again, obviously from a warmer weather time period.

Warm stand-by time. from Dan Chabanov on Vimeo.

Grime edit, from Christian Musgrave

Grime Edit. from LA Brakeless, Night Sesh.

night sesh from Beaver on Vimeo.

Videos from TrackO

A video from Brooks saddles about an event in Tuscany which is a tribute to vintage bicycles, L’Erocia.

a video of A.N.T. (alternative Needs Transportation) founder Mike Flanigan

Day 7 of Tokyo to Osaka ride

JUNKAN Part 2 of 2 from on Vimeo.

More info here.

Classic Tour riding from stage 13, 1986

seen on Dan Chabanov’s Tumblr BoneDeth

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