New ride series in Brooklyn (Ditmas Park)

Got this message from Rene Netter of Ditmas Rides, a group ride series in the Ditmas Park area of Brooklyn:

“The Ditmas Ride of this month will be this Friday around 5:30 pm. The fist date for the Ditmas Rides is March 26th. We will meet in front of the VoxPop @ the […]

Zigo's giving away a bike.

Zigo, part bicycle, part stroller, part jogging stroller…is giving away a chance to win one of these innovative contraptions.

Just go to their site, on this page, Download this image off of facebook,

make it your profile image and then follow some more […]

Services from Brooklyn Bike and Board

Even though there is a bit of a chill still lingering in the air, you may be thinking about partaking in what many NYers have realized…The bicycle is not only the greatest invention of human kind, it is also the most reliable, most fun and most economical way to navigate around our urban environment. […]