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So Judge Lewis Kaplan, upheld a ruling that more than 50 bikes in NYC need a permit to ride put forward by the NYPD with a blatant selective enforcement grudge against Critical Mass. Funny thing, the lawsuit that judge’s decision came out of was put forward by the 5 boro bike club who was trying to say the ruling was unconstitutional for their group rides and all the court wanted to talk about was critical mass, which could have no representation because no one speaks for this spontaneous occurrence that happens in over 400 cities around the planet.

Meanwhile National Geographic Traveler ranked NYC the 2nd most bike friendly city in the US, unless of course you try and ride your bike in a group and then you will meet with the 6th largest standing army on planet Earth who hates you, the NYPD. I don’t know about you but this puts a pretty sour taste in my mouth that we are supposed to relish in all these D.O.T. improvements, much of which this article is based on, like putting a bike lane down a pedestrian esplanade in Broadway or removing a bike lane in Brooklyn, and somehow feel good about being a bike friendly city. Please. Perhaps National Geo should come here and go on critical mass or explore all of the ongoing lawsuits against bike riding here in the big apple.

Honestly, I know Billionaire King Bloomberg is going to save us from the highest unemployment in NYC since the 30’s and one of the largest budget deficients with new stadiums in Brooklyn, but do you believe you need a permit to ride your bike? Is this America or the Soviet Union 1956? or maybe Iran today. I thought this was New York City? I thought the terrorists lost on 911 because they are “freedom haters.”

I mean seriously, forget about Iraqi elections or nation building in Afghanistan. You can’t even ride your bicycle without a PERMIT IN NEW YORK CITY.

I say, ride your bikes. On the last Friday of the month, on the first Friday of the month, ALL THE TIME.

This Friday, one New York City loving bike rider is calling for a Freedom Ride.

From Mellow Yellow:
“Hey Cyclopaths,

What is easier to will into being? An early spring, or a huge fun bike ride?
Weather forecast is looking very positive with temps cracking 40 degrees this Friday, so if you’ve been sadly de-biked due to snow, come out and enjoy the fun!

1st fR!deay!
A celebration of community and sustainable transportation in the streets of Manhattan
March 5th, 7pm
Union Square North


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It seems to me, the real “Freedom Haters” are Judge Kaplan, the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg who want to limit you from freely riding your bicycle here in NYC. I say its time to take back our city!

Here are the steps to do this:
1) Join Twitter
2) follow along with a new twitter page dedicated to NYC CM:
3) setup this page to txt (SMS) on your cell phone so you can get updates and standby for spontaneous “flash mob” rides coming as soon as the weather is better.

3 comments to a rant and ride…Tweet This

  • cr

    Did you just compare NYC with Iran? Grow the fuck up and get an education.

  • Cyclerock

    Staten Island has a Critical Mass the first Friday of the month. I will be in the area and may check it out. I think the meeting spot is across the street from the ferry terminal, behind a courthouse. Mike, you should post this on your calender. You announced it a few months ago. Thx!

  • Did not realize 1st fRideay was competing with S.I. CM. How’s the turnout for that been? I’d love to report it on

    Tonight’s ride will feature tunes via pirate radio, so bring a radio with your bike

    7pm Union Square North!