Monster Track Eleven Recap

Here’s a couple of recaps of what went down at last weekend’s fixed gear only, world famous alleycat race:

Recap of what happened and what didn’t from the organizer himself:

“So this is how it all went down.

* the only thing that went according to plan was friday. Why, we’ll there wasen’t that much to do but wait until Saturday. Saturday, the way it was supposed to be was after registration, we would mass ride to manhattan from brooklyn over the Williamsburg bridge car path. Of course there is a new law in NyC that says you can’t have more that 50 people at a time anytime, riding anywhere, and i had about 130 people registered . Whatever, a plan is a plan and we would give it a go. i had instructions on how to get to the first checkpoint where the first manifest would be printed out. i couldn’t tell anyone where that was since, nyc alley-cat riders would and do try to cheat,(thats just how it is in alley-cats,always is,always will be)and i gave half to jason from affinity with instructions. he was to start the race if the cops stopped us,and i would try and stall the cops,get a ticket if need be.A cop from NYPD 90 precincts reminded me that,potentially we could all get stopped.i figured the worst that can happen was me getting a ticket,like a couple of years ago when i got not one but two tickets,which i don’t even know where they are right now. Well we rode over the bridge and of course since no one listens or pays attention when you have a big crowd,everyone followed someone,and apparently,bumrushed jason for the instructions on how to get the first checkpoint. “
Read the rest here.

I mean, come on…the cops secretly love us as seen here with our own Heather Loop.

Chari and Co, grabbed a few shots of MT winners Alfred and Austin, from their checkpoint.

Kevin Dillard of has a great series up.

Check out his albums here.

And over at Smashenger, Krillz put up a great link to a recap from Dave’s Quality Meats Blog.

Photos by Aaron Joseph

Check it out here.

And my photo set on flickr.

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