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Wednesday, Google maps launched a new feature to include directions for bike routes.

Katherine Noyes, wrote an article on it for Tech News World magazine.

By Katherine Noyes
03/10/10 11:46 AM PT

Bicyclists in 150 U.S. cities can now use Google Maps to figure out the best way to go from Point A to Point B on two wheels. The move “reaffirms the legitimacy of cycling as a form of transportation,” said New York blogger BikeSnobNYC. The addition of biking directions was one of the most requested new features for the popular service.
In a move sure to make the grade with cyclists across the United States, Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) on Wednesday added bicycle routes to its Google Maps service.

Biking directions and extensive bike trail data are now available for the United States through Google Maps, giving cyclists nationwide a way to customize their trips, figure out the most efficient routes, make use of bike lanes and avoid big hills.

“When I need to get off the trail to cross town, biking directions makes sure to keep me on bike-friendly roads and avoid some of the city’s busiest intersections,” Google product manager Shannon Guymon explained in a blog post early Wednesday morning. “The time estimate for the route is based on a complex set of variables accounting for the type of road, terrain and turns over the course of my ride.”

read the entire article here.

Seems like there is a lot going on with mapping. I got sent info on a new iphone app that was launched today:

Here is a press release from developer Jeff Willoughby:

NEW YORK, NY – March 11, 2010 – iParks NY, the first iPhone App designed to illuminate the Places and Events occurring in New York City’s parks system, was launched today by Ring Bear, LLC. iParks NY uses the iPhones GPS combined with a proprietary database to help users find the nearest or highest rated parks, playgrounds, dog runs, etc. The App also features an events database that links “the where” with “the when” showing users when to visit Central Park for the official walking tour or when to head to Union Square for its famous green market.

The combination of the iPhone platform and iParks NY App turns the iPhone into a dynamic personal guidebook for navigating the 2,000+ city, state, and private parks and playgrounds that New York City has to offer, and has obvious appeal to both locals and visitors, be they adults, kids, or parents. Additional features include an integrated bike map, editorial content including reviews and pictures, location information including costs, hours, phone numbers and links, as well as content bookmarking which makes it a snap to see upcoming events at your favorite places whenever you reopen iParks NY.
iParks NY was inspired by a 2.5yr old New Yorker and playground aficionado, Maya Willoughby, who frequently exhorted her father, “Daddy, I want to go to a NEW park!” He realized it was too difficult to navigate the parks system on his iPhone, bought a programming book, and spent many months visiting parks by day, programming by night.

So I wanted to find out, what applications are most helpful to you in mapping bike routes. Here is my poll of the week.

What helps you map your ride?

Google Maps
Iphone apps
The NY bike Map
Keen sense of direction
I just ride around, lost, its more fun that way

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