Red Hook Criterium Recap

David August Trimble, has been around bikes his whole life. His father designed the first carbon bike back in the early 80’s as part of Trimble Racing. David is an avid racer himself and each year for the past three years he has been celebrating his birthday with his very own bike race. Last Saturday, the quiet streets of Red Hook Brooklyn, became a 20 lap course for what is known as the Red Hook Critierium. The race brings together roadies, messengers and track bike enthusiasts who turn a three quarters of a mile course into their own velodrome. All riders must be on fixed gears.

I volunteered as one of the Marshalls as a whim, even though a race starting at 11:00pm was way past my bed time. The trick to this was to put marshalls at the course turns and watch for traffic so cars don’t plow into riders going 20-30 miles an hour on bikes with no brakes. For the most part the drives heading down near IKEA weren’t in too much of a hurry, if their were any at all. In my experience, I found most people were cordial and quite willing to just turn around. Some even wanted to stop and watch. One guy had to pick his wife up at IKEA. I tried to convince him to wait till the race was over and watch the action. Turned out his wife was willing to walk the two blocks and ended up being totally cool with the holdup.

But enough about me and my boring job. The real action was about the racers. Here are the results:

1. Dan Chabanov
2. John K-Tel
3. Al Barouh
4. Chris Thormann
5. Pavel Marosin
6. Matthew Arleck (Tio)
7. Brean
8. John Taki
9. Izumi
10.Joshua Robot

Dan, Al and Chris have really been tearing it up and I was very impressed with their results. Pavel Marosin, was someone I interviewed as a rookie back at his first Monster Track in 2009. Glad to see he’s sticking with it and getting faster. This race has really showcased some talent including last year’s winner, Neil Bezdek who now has a pro racing contract, which didn’t allow him to race this year.

Here is other coverage around the web and in the news.

the NY Post had a video story on it.

Photographer, Ed Glazar was on hand taking great photos like this:

Long time messenger photographer Takuya Sakamoto (TAK) had set up a few strobes right near the corner I Marshalled. One rider bit it, and landed into a telephone pole, right before he took out one of Tak’s flashes. Tak posted a few photos on his site New York Bike Dreams.

Velo News had a story on the race.

And here is a recap from John Prolly

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