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Even though there is a bit of a chill still lingering in the air, you may be thinking about partaking in what many NYers have realized…The bicycle is not only the greatest invention of human kind, it is also the most reliable, most fun and most economical way to navigate around our urban environment.

Your going to see ridership increase again this year and don’t be left behind. Besides, the more people we get on bikes, the closer we get to WORLD BICYCLE DOMINATION!! (insert maniacal Dr. Evil type laughter)

I wanted to give a special shout out to one of my local bike shops… Brooklyn Bike and Board, located for your convenience in the heart of Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Neighborhood and on the easily accessible thoroughfare…Vanderbilt Ave. 560 Vanderbilt Ave. between Dean and Bergen, to be exact.

This friendly bike shop makes it fun and easy to get your bike serviced and welcomes first time buyers who maybe stepping into the world of owning their first NYC bike.

One option that may be right for you is one of Brooklyn Bike and Board’s recycled bikes, like this one:

You can read more about them on their website, here.

Basically, their meat and potato of this shop is commuter bikes. Bringing back to life classic, durable steel framed bikes that just might be the perfect commuter for the tough, potholed ridden streets of NYC. I was talking with Brian the owner today, as he was fixing a flat for me, about their used bikes. Your not going to find bicycles under $200.00 here, and if that’s what your looking for, try craigslist or a flea market. You will however find bikes built back to tip top shape with complete overhauling. They also come with service guarantees. And lets not forget, you are supporting your local bike shop and keeping the whole industry thriving, kind of like buying paint and tools from your local hardware store instead of Home Depot.

Also Brooklyn B and B has a new feature added to their website which I’d also like to highlight.

A stolen bike registry. If your bike is stolen you can go to their website and post it here to make the announcement. Also check the site for bikes that have been stolen, in case you see that shady person at the bottom of the Manhattan bridge trying to sell bike for $50.00.

Ride Safe.

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