Spring forward your bike for spring

Now that the weather is getting better, well should be soon…It’s time to start thinking about tuning up your bike.
The popular bicycling map program and app, has some good advice.

For northern hemisphere folks, spring is starting to come into focus. Harsh weather may have conspired to keep you off the roads or trail for the better part of the winter so you are no doubt ready to ride. But, before you roll out on that first ride of the spring season, consider getting your bike professionally tuned up. A professional tune up will get your ride performing well and ultimately deliver you a better cycling experience.

Most local bike shops will charge anywhere from $50-$100 for a professional tune up. If your bike has really suffered from neglect, it might benefit from a complete overhaul. An overhaul will cost you far more than a tune up (overhauls will typically run well in excess of $100), but it will include specialized service to the hubs, bottom bracket and drivetrain. A knowledgeable bike shop employee can no doubt offer you some guidance as to whether your bike needs a simple tune up or a full-scale overhaul.

Maybe you cannot afford a professional tune up, or you got one done late last season? You should still give your bike a close once over before you hit the road.

—-Clean the entirety of the bike with warm soapy water in order to remove any dust or grime that has accumulated over the past few months. As you clean the bike, check the frame for significant dings or damage. Should you discover substantive damage to the frame, do not ride the bike until it has been more fully inspected by a professional.

—- Check the tires for cracks, wear, or damage and replace one or both if necessary.

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