Upcoming events in NYC!

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day!!
A little bird told me there is going to be an action in Time’s Square tomorrow:

” Hey all, bring your toothbrush, a bathing suit, some soap and come take a bath in Times Square for a Fossil Fool’s Day action against toxic Gas Drilling. April 1st! 12 noon. Around 43rd and 7th Ave.”

Then head on over to the classic Alleycat race throw every year on Fool’s Day by Steve “Pop” Klein.

This Friday, Don’t forger about the First Friday rides in NYC–April 2nd.
a message from Mellow Yellow:

*******!st fR!deay is coming up and the weather is going to be too sweet not to ride! Please come out and join us for the roving party celebrating community, safety, and non-polluting transport. Let’s transform the streets of our dreams into reality! Dress up! Bring snacks to share! Bring bells, lights and joy! If you can’t make it, please forward this message to someone else who might, or post it on your facebook, blog, whatever. Try talking to strangers on bikes, or make your own flyers to hand out.

For a lengthy description of last week’s ride (which will bear little resemblance to fRideay’s) please check out the latest blog update at and if you have a twitter account, follow me, @ critmasspanic.

!st fR!deay
April 2nd, 7pm
Union Square North

See you out there! Ride safer!

Mellow Yellow

Staten Island is also having a night ride on Friday, April 2nd. Check it out at:

Then on April 3rd, there is another alleycat race:

Saturday April 3
Only The Strong Survive Alleycat brought to you
by the carribean team
meet at 315 west 38 st city bikes
registration 1:30 race 2 :30
freefood at finish

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