Another Stolen Bike-

Got this email from Brian Rubin:

To whom it concerns,

My bike was stolen last night, locked outside of my Fort Greene apartment. It was an old rigid Gary Fisher Mountain Bike, silver frame with silver reflective tape along the top and down tubes. The bike had slick tires with black plastic front and back fenders, a silver pannier rack on the back, and a chopped down handlebar with grip shifts. My bike was locked to another bike, which had been cut to set free. So unfortunately, now there are two bikes that are affected by this mischief.

I have low hopes of getting it back. It was not the most beautiful or upgraded bike, but it was my commuter bike and my baby. I loved that bike. Anyway, I wanted to get the word out that spring is here, and you should protect your property as best you can!



Any information, please call 303.514.7949 or email me at

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  • Hope dies Last! My bike got stolen here in Barcelona over a month ago, and guess what a guy from a Retalbike Shop is sure to have spotted it! A guy around forty years old riding it!!! I hope I will not do something I later regret when I’d meet him on the road…

    However FUCK THE BICYCLE THIEVERY ! ! ! this fashion suck –

    And what the hell has Xhristian louboutin fashion has to do with this ?