Bikes found…sort of.

Thanks to Gothamist for giving a shit about this and for doing some research. They made a few phone calls and got the police to admit where the stolen bikes were from the Houston Street Earth Day debacle.
(Photo from Martha Cooper on Gothamist)

Find out the info here:

It still doesn’t answer the question: Why did they remove the bikes in the first place and why the NYPD feels so threatened by bicycles in the city.

Turns out they do have a policy of removing bikes when motorcades are in the area and they did put up signs the night before. The signs however, only say…No Parking. Most people would interpret that as applying to motor vehicles.

It truly is in bad taste and reflects the NYPD’s disrespect for its citizens, especially those who ride bicycles.

If you had a bicycle taken on Houston Street, please get in touch with me. Also twitter any information with the hashtag #stolenbike.

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