Boston, making strides in bike safety

Boston is know for being a hostile environment for cyclists but things are starting to look up with a bike friendly Mayor, Thomas M. Menino and a new city program for biking, Boston Bikes Program.

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Bike safety efforts pick up pace in city
By Eric Moskowitz

No one would mistake Transportation Secretary Jeffrey B. Mullan for a fixed-gear hipster, spandex-clad racer, socks-over-pants commuter, or other full-time denizen of the cycling world. He rides infrequently enough that the facilities staff at the State Transportation Building recently confiscated his 1980s model Peugeot from the building’s bike room, thinking the bicycle had been abandoned.

But on Wednesday, there was Mullan on his reclaimed bike, pedaling through the streets of Boston in a rush-hour sign of solidarity with the bicycling community, en route to the inaugural Bicycling Safety Summit convened by Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

The summit represented a high-water mark in the continued effort by local cyclists to gain the ear of officials and promote a cultural shift toward equal status for bicycles on the roads — a tall order in a city consistently ranked among the most hostile to bicyclists. Still, they have an ally in Menino, who three years ago launched the Boston Bikes program with the goal of making the city a cycling haven.

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