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Here are some bike messenger related stories…

Joe Hendry of Mess Media posted a story about Couriers in Toronto.

Couriers the latest free-enterprizers on two wheels
By Reuben Sokol
Toronto Observer, April 7, 2010

(about photo: Andrew Parker, Amy Dyer, Steve Beiko and Marli Epp (left to right) huddle on Mar. 25 at the end of a long day of riding.–Photo by: Reuben Sokol/Toronto Observer)

Amy Dyer makes her living on two wheels in Toronto … unless those wheels get damaged.

“If one of my wheels on my bike decides it’s had enough … and blows up, unless you build it yourself, you have to pay the mechanic to build it … That is upwards of $200,” Dyer said.

“We buy special Gore-Tex socks so you’re not going to get wet and cold, and you’re not going to freeze and die of frost bite.”

On March 25, fully dressed in several layers of winter clothing, Dyer and five other bike couriers sat at the roundtable in downtown Toronto.

Some are members of the Toronto Bike Messenger Association (TOMBA), a non-profit organization set up for the benefit of 500 bike messengers. They’re planning an emergency fundraiser for May 1 and 2. Dyer explained the purpose of the Bike Messenger Emergency Fund.

read the whole story here.

Joe also posted a story about bike couriers in in Dallas, old school…like back in 1923.

This is a picture of my wife’s grandfather, Gordon Mackenzie, as a young Western Union messenger boy in Dallas circa 1923 (third from left). Gordon died last year at the age of 96 but was a messenger from the age of 12 to 14. He’d tell us stories about his Western Union days, and wearing down three different bicycles while working for the company. His bicycle of choice was a Pierce-Arrow which was outfitted with a shaft drive instead of a chain.

read more here.

Meanwhile here in NYC,

Have you heard of Hot Dudes on Bikes? Its a photo blog of, well you get the point. Here are a couple of NYC’s “hot” bike couriers.
Squid and Diablo (Cyclehawk)

How bout,
Aias and Justin of Mess Kollective.

speaking of Mess Kollective, bike courier coop…
Heather Muller made CNN.

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