Pogan Trial-Cross Examination Monday.

Tomorrow, April 26th, Monday…former cop Patrick Pogan will take the stand for his criminal trial. Friday (4/23) Pogan spoke for the first time about what his rationale was for body checking Christopher Long in Time’s Square back in Critical Mass, July 25, 2008.

The trial continues on Monday with Pogan’s cross-examination.

Those who would like to attend: 211 Centre St. room 733, at 10am.

Cycling activist, Mellow Yellow, who writes the blog: Criticalmasspanic, has some opinions on the importance of the monthly ride, plus report backs on the last !st fRideay ride which meet up with a crew from Staten Island.

Here is also a plug for Friday’s Critical Mass ride, April 30th:

“Regardless of the outcome of the above trial, we should have a very interesting Manhattan CM this Friday. Last month we walked out. This month we may hit numbers that apparently require a parade permit. And some of us are going to dress in all white to represent that we are all ghost riders until we have truly safe roads. We’ve already lost too many wonderful bike-riding people to motor vehicles this year. Come and contribute to how this all plays out…keep it positive!

GHOST RIDE (or walk) THE MASS!!!
Friday, April 30th
7pm Union Square North

Ride Safer, Ride Massive!”

Mellow Yellow

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