Stolen bike alert, the NYPD on Houston St.

I’ve been trying to have space on my blog for people to post when they’ve had a bike stolen. Well this one may take the cake.

As our mayor was in Time’s Square celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day:

His goon squad, the NYPD was stealing bikes on Houston street because of some supposed substantial threat of “pipe bombs” in bicycles. President Obama was here in NYC and his motorcade was going down Houston…so logically the cops cut locks and took all the bikes parked there.

The story first broke on this blog:

Then later appeared on
(photo by: Anthony Rebholz/Thisisfyf)

If you have had your bike STOLEN, by the NYPD on Houston St. please contact me so we can figure out how to get it back!! Then we can figure out how to tell Bloomberg what an un-environmental hypocrite A-Hole he is…So glad he bought himself a third term.

Happy Earth Day NYC. I think this shows how much Bloomberg and the NYPD care about the planet.

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  • Kyle

    They should confiscate everything made of metal pipe, all cars, perhaps the trees which may be hiding explosive implements, as well as any pedestrians who might be in the area.