Terrible tragedy in Baltimore, County

Tragedy struck in the Baltimore MD, area as two cyclists were hit in an accident on Tuesday.

Here is one story from a CBS affilate in the Baltimore local area:

Baltimore Co. Cyclist Hit By Car, Killed
Kelly McPherson

Sharing the road became deadly Tuesday afternoon when a Baltimore County driver hit an Owings Mills cyclist, Lawrence “Larry” Bensky, and another biker.

Kelly McPherson reports Bensky leaves two young daughters and a wife behind.

Alex Salzberg teaches Bensky’s oldest daughter.

“It was incredibly tragic. And he’s such a vibrant presence in the class that I couldn’t really process it for a while actually,” said Salzberg.

The Falls and Butler Road intersection is a popular spot to see cyclists because they can access scenic roads through Baltimore County. But there’s no bike lane, and there can be a lot of traffic, which can lead to friction between cyclists and drivers.

Read the whole story, here.

and a message from a local bike shop who knew the cyclists:

Race Pace Bicycles
April 10, 2010
As many of you know, two cyclists were hit by a car last week. One of our good friends and customers was killed and another is recovering in Shock Trauma with serious injuries. We have a few things in the works to help the families, but we have a last minute opportunity to meet with our representatives in Annapolis to support the house bill 461 requiring motorists to pass cyclists at a safe distance. Monday is the last day of the current session so this is the reason for the late e-mail.
Message 1 Headline We would like to get an idea on how many cyclists we can expect to ride to Annapolis. Please email me if you are planning on coming. (subject annapolis – # of riders) Visit Our Website
Thanks for your support. We can make Maryland’s roads safer for all of us!
Sincerely, Marc Lefkowitz
Marc Lefkowitz
Race Pace Bicycles


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