Friend of mine got hit by a car…

I got back to town with some bad news.

A really good friend of mine, Jonathan Beck was hit by a car in Brooklyn Monday night (5/3/10) while riding home from work on his bike.

I don’t know how many blog readers knew Jonathan but he loved bikes and is a super warm and friendly person.

To say he’s is really into bikes is a understatement. He’s been an active member of bike community and was a big part of Freewheels, ( a coalition of cyclists who raised money to help with legal defense of cyclists being harassed by the NYPD at things like critical mass. He recently took a train cross country and rode around the West Coast and went all the way to Copenhagen just to buy his beloved Bullitt Cargo bike. We’re talking obsession.

(photo by: Keiko Niwa)

He constantly commuted to work by bike and being a camera assistant in film and tv, he always had random hours and different locations throughout the city.

Monday night, the impact from the car broke his fibia and tibia bones in his leg as well as his hip in three places. Luckily he had no major injuries above the waist and he never hit his head.

After a number of surgeries, Jonathan is recovering at New York Presbyterian on the Upper East Side. He will probably have to be in the hospital for another couple of weeks.

He’s in good spirits and we are all hoping for a fast and healthy recovery.

He could really use some cheering up so please leave comments here for him to check in with.

Jonathan, so sorry this happened to you. I guess we all know the risks of riding a bike in NYC, but your positive energy and spirit is an inspiration.

Get well soon my friend and lets get you back on the bike soon!

21 comments to Friend of mine got hit by a car…

  • Dont be afraid to get back in the saddle! Heal up brother.

  • many thoughts with you, dude.

  • Get well soon Jonathan! Be strong and keep rockin!

  • Al

    Heal up, Jonathan.

  • Ed

    Don’t think we’ve ever met Johnathon, but I wish you a quick recovery.

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  • Taliah & Dave

    Hi Jonathan,

    we wish you a speedy recovery!!
    Get well soon!!
    Taliah and Dave

  • Taliah & Dave

    Hi Jonathan,
    We wish you a speedy recovery,
    Get well soon!!
    Taliah & Dave

  • Does Jonathan want visitors in the hospital? I haven’t seen him in a while, but used to see him all the time a couple years ago when we were both doing Critical Mass. Jonathan is a super nice guy and I hope he has a speedy recovery!

  • As someone who has had those exact same injuries I send this bit of hard-earned wisdom: Get hip stretches from your PT, and also have them look for torn knee ligaments and broken cartilage. Mine were not found until 4 months after the wreck when my PT was asking about rotational stretches of the hip and couldn’t apply lateral forces to the knee to demonstrate some.

  • Jamie

    Much love to you Jonathan!!! Thinking about you every day. Wish I was hanging out with you today, I hope you’re getting lots more visitors bringing you yummy awesome food.

  • Joe

    never met you, but we’re all connected somehow…wishing you a speedy recovery

  • Jonathan,

    I met you at the Photo Booth thing and admired your cargo bike. Believe it or not, I had just recovered from a broken femur that sidelined me all summer. It totally sucked, and at times I felt like I’d never be back on the bike – but I’m back now. Keep your head up, rest up and I’ll see you on the road real soon.

    All the best,

  • Kelly Talcott

    Jonathan, many healing vibes from a fellow Bullitt owner. I hope you’re up and about soon.

  • ellen

    Very sorry you got hit, and glad to hear you are (relatively) ok. Sending happy thoughts to you.

  • I really hope you scratched that car!
    The danish Lulu and I wish you well and hope,when recovered,that you will insist in riding your bike every day.
    According to the other Lulu,we will have her fixed,don´t worry!

    Best wishes to you,you tough guy,from your danish supporters
    Harry,Larry Signe and Lulu

  • Jonathan – SO SORRY to hear the news.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery!!! I’m sure your Bullitt misses you.

    (I rode back to Park Slope with you from TA’s Copenhagenize event @ City Bakery.)

  • Kelly

    Jonathan, I hope you’re feeling better soon – met you at the City Bakery event; I’m the guy who also owns a Bullitt.

    I told Hans at LvH of your accident (and that you’d survived it) and he asked me to pass this along:

    “Thank´s for the update;bad but good news.
    If you happens to see him give him my best regards!”

  • Laura B

    Hey Jonathan,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. I always worried about you and the other crew members who rode bikes to work on 30 Rock.

    Please rest and get a speedy recovery.

    Miss ya
    Laura B.

  • Thanks for doing this to cheer my buddy Jonathan up.

    Jonathan, I know you’re the kinda guy who’s gonna make lemonade outta this bucketful of lemons. Can’t wait to see you up and pedaling again.

  • Michelle

    I’m looking to get in touch with Jon Beck. Trying to locate him here even though these are old blog posts. My name is Michelle Williams. We’re old friends from NYU film school. Please email me any info at Many thanks.