Help a friend raise money for a great movie about bikes

Toby Miller is a good friend of mine and avid NYC cycling commuter. Check out his sweet ride:

He and his girlfriend Martine Charnow, have written a great short film about bicycle love. They are using this website Kickstarter which helps you promote an idea for a documentary or narrative and raise money to get the film made. It’s a way of becoming a backer of the project with incentives at different levels such as $25.00 gets you a button, $50.00 gets you a dvd of the completed film. Its a way of funding the cinematic arts.

Check out their kickstarter page.
This site will be up for another 48 hours. They have reached their goal of 4,200.00, but the more money they get, the more they can do with the project.

Read more about the project on Martine and Toby’s website

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