Landlords Cycling Club?

To any culture, there is always an underground…then there is the “really” underground. Maybe like the weather underground.

Somethings are best left to the imagination, such as the “Landlords Cycling Club.”

Check out this video of a book about the Landlord’s vintage messenger culture:

If your confused about this book, the landlords or the current state of track bike culture, look no further then this video which explains it all:

If for some reason this didn’t clear it up for you, there is a chance to see a screening of the Landlords Cycling Club video zine:

Also the Danish documentary about the 1976 Paris-Roubaix cycling race, A Sunday in Hell. This is part of the Bicycle Film Festival’s 10 year anniversary.

Both screenings will be at the Albert Maysles Institute in Harlem

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