RIP Gary Coleman

One of my childhood characters I grew up with has passed away. It reminded me of this episode of “Diff’rent Strokes,” about Arnold wanting a bicycle.
(click the image to see the video, for some reason I couldn’t embed this)

Yes, this episode was about a child molester bicycle shop owner, but re-watching it I focused on some of the more bicycle related issues. Such as how bad Arnold wanted a bicycle and how even rich Mr. Drummond didn’t have any place to store a bicycle in his fancy NYC apartment.

2 comments to RIP Gary Coleman

  • Tim Pilgram

    Man, this is so sad… We all grew up watching Gary Coleman in ‘Diff’rent Strokes’.
    For a Tribute and video of the Bets of Gary Coleman go to
    Whatchu’ talkin’ bout Willis… Rest in Peace Gary.

  • Cyclerock

    Having recently gotten one that same bike, I was most amazed at the color. I never saw a red Mongoose from that era before or since.