Stolen Parts

Got this message from Leonard Jones who had parts of his bike jacked–Be on the look out!

I know it’s not a full stolen bike, but I figured I’d email you about
this anyway. I work at NYU Medical Center on 33rd and 1st Ave and
yesterday at about 2:45, the fork was stolen off my bike, right
outside the hospital. It’s a red Carbon-2 road fork w/ 1 white stripe
fit for a 700×23 wheel. This has been a big problem at this hospital,
with my coworker having his mountain bike fork and seat post stolen just
a few days ago and me losing a rear wheel 2 months ago (now I only
lock w/ my kryptonite chain). With awful security camera placement, a
bike shed that has a 2+ yr waiting list for commuters, and a general
apathy towards bike theft on the part of hospital security, those of
us who ride to work sort of have our hands tied. If by any chance you
come across or hear through the grapevine of a lot of forks being
sold, we’d be really grateful for a heads up. Also, any
recommendations you might have regarding encouraging awareness of
cyclist commuter needs in the workplace, or what places to keep an eye
on for stolen parts will be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Leonard Jones

Any info contact

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