Win Stuff!

So maybe you’ve noticed that we’ve been giving away a lot of cool stuff as part of promotion for our upcoming book.

Here’s how it works. We put up an image once a week on our facebook fan page. Be the first one to comment on where the photo is in NYC and win great prizes.

This week, apparently we stumped everyone with this image:

Well rather than giving up, we are letting it ride for a little while longer. So if you can figure out where this is you could win a great pair of white tires from our amazing sponsor:
Panaracer Tires

Come on, You CAN DO IT!

4 comments to Win Stuff!

  • Lucca Zeray

    fluton ave and somewhere

  • Sam

    Well I saw you the day this was posted riding through forte green on Washington towards Atlantic and it was earlier than this picture was posted so I’m guessing somewhere past empire blvd and before Brooklyn college in that space. It’s proly some open lot off nostrand

  • Sam

    Actualy. Judging by the houses it could be sheeps head bay. Like, any of those letter avenues off Bedford past the junction.

  • I like the graffiti on the walls. BTW nice gravel for training.