bike polo East Side Invitational

All you polo heads: More info at

Summer Program to learn Urban Planning

“Bikesplorations” is a free summer program to teach young people about urban planning and design. Velo City is hosting this program and have partnered up with Recycle-a-bicycle. They are looking for your support. Here is a video from kickstarter. Find out more about this project and how to help here.

Also check out […]

cops in LA listen

hmmm, something for the NYPD to think about.

When cops harass cyclists during Critical Mass, they learn from it, according to this blurb in LAist. (photo by Alex Thompson) Headline–LAPD Takes First Steps to Train Officers on How to Properly Pull Over Cyclists By Zach Behrens. Relationships between cyclists and the LAPD cannot improve […]

Scouting for Rumble thru da Bronx 7

Will have to wait to find out what happened on NYC’s 2nd participation in the World Naked Bike Ride. Rumor has it, according to twitter: { #wnbrNyc headin east on bleeker 200 strong.}

Meanwhile I had a mission to scout out the Bronx for our upcoming book on biking in NYC. I combined this […]