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There is an ongoing show at the Museum of Art and Design where the works of art are hand built bicycles. The show in entitled: Bespoke: the hand built bicycle and runs until August 15th. There is a story on NPR with a photo slide show of some of the builders involved with the exhibit and the new movement of having bikes built by hand.

Handmade Bikes Let Commuters Ride In Style
by Bill Chappell

Thousands of bicyclists will hit the road Friday, as part of National Bike to Work Day. But not all “commuter” bikes are equal. In fact, some are hand-built — and with a rider’s particular route to work in mind.
Photo of Sacha White at this years North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show (NAHBS) in Richmond Virgina)
Consider the high-school teacher who ordered a bike from custom builder Dan Polito in Cleveland, Ohio.

His client “wanted a comfortable, upright-position cruiser for their crushed-limestone commute,” Polito says. Most of the teacher’s route to school is on a bike trail.

So Polito designed a bike based on a 1950s British club racer. The bike is sturdy and lean, a good match for a daily commute.

The ‘Bespoke Bike’ Movement

Polito and other master bike builders were at the North American Handmade Bike Show in Richmond, Va., earlier this year. Currently, some of the same craftsmen are displaying their work in New York City, at the Museum of Arts and Design’s show titled Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle.

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Meanwhile there will be two events at the Museum to correspond with the theme of the future of biking.

Here is a press release:

The Future of Bikes: Bikes as Urban Transport
Thursday, June 10th
7:00 pm
Free with Pay-What-You Wish admission

As part of the Future of Bikes series, this panel discussion brings together a vibrant group of architects, government agencies and alternative transportation organizations to discuss the impact of the bicycle on the urban landscape. Participants include Hayes Lord, Bicycle Program Director at the NYC Department of Transportation, Paul Steely White, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives, and Brent Norsman, AIA, of Chicago-based Norsman Architects and owner of Copenhagen Cyclery. Moderated by Loren Mooney, Editor-in-Chief of Bicycling Magazine.

Space is limited, reservations suggested:

The Future of Bikes: Bikes as Object
Thursday, June 24th at 7:00 PM
Free with Pay-What-You-Wish Admission

As part of the Future of Bikes series, this panel discussion brings together designers of hand-built, mass-produced and alternative material bicycles to discuss the varieties of process and practices found in contemporary bike design. Presentations will be given by Johnny Coast (Coast Cycles), Marty Odlin (Bamboo Bike Studio), Peter Reich (Swift Folding Bikes), and Steve Baumann (Industrial Design Director of Trek Bicycles). A group discussion will follow with moderator Dave Perry, owner of Bike Works on Ridge St, NYC, and author of Bike Cult.

Space is limited, reservations suggested:

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