Documentary about the ghostbikes

Since it recently came up with the threat of sanitation removing them, it reminded me that film maker Meaghan Wilbur is making a piece about the ghost bikes.

Here is more info from her Kickstarter page:

“meaghan, why are you making this film?
posted on June 1

I’ve been answering this question a lot over the past year. At first, I had trouble articulating all the reasons. There are a lot of good reasons. The big one that I kept blurting out instinctively was “Because people should know that this is happening.” I started this film project partly as a response to repeatedly being asked, “What is a ghost bike? Why bother to do this?”

After a year of talking to many people about their ghost bike experiences, I’ve learned a lot about cycling issues in different cities in the U.S., Europe, and South America. Talking about ghost bikes opens up conversations about all sorts of advocacy issues. You can’t talk about a cyclist’s death without describing the circumstances that contributed to it, and very often these deaths could have been prevented. I’m not referring to assigning blame to drivers or cyclists, I’m talking about redesigning streets and attitudes to enable everyone to have safe passage on the road.”

The Kickstarter page.

The website for the film:
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The flickr page: here.
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Also in other ghost bike related news:

I caught this video from about a ghost bike being made for the hit and run killing of < a href=""> Christophe Le Canne, which heavily impacted the local Miami cycling community.

The Journey is the Thing from Tony Blazejack on Vimeo.

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