More stolen bikes

I got this email from Jared Pereira describing his girlfriends bike was recently stolen:

My girlfriends bike was stolen this weekend right off of 23rd street btw 2nd and 3rd, right in front of the SVA building. It was a specialized woman’s medium cream colored hybrid bike. Here’s a picture of it.

I understand that there is a very slim chance of recovering the bike, but it can’t hurt to put the word out.



If you have any information on this bike email:

Universities and schools in NYC seem to be rampant targets for theft. If you are attending these institutions and have a bike stolen you should try and work with security and see if you can acquire video surveillance footage. If you receive a lot of flack for this, you should definitely complain to the administration and question why they even have security in the first place if its not going to be used to help the students. It is good to set a precedence that theft is occurring at the school and begin a discussion about policy. Also, with all bike thefts, it is a good idea to get a police report no matter the condition or value of the stolen bike. The cops won’t be eager to help you with this kind of paper work but its worth perusing in principle and in case of identity purposes. There is a good chance your stolen bike will quickly be turned around on the street for fast cash and likely be acquired by restaurants who do food delivery. Be on the look-out. Don’t be afraid to confront the delivery person directly if you see them using your property. Chances are they won’t put up a fight and be well aware of their actions. Also complain to the business that uses employees who by stolen property. Might not even hurt to put this information on a rating website such as Yelp. This may be where the police report comes in handy to prove ownership of the bike and that it was indeed stolen. Also it is a good idea to take a photo of your ride in advance and keep that documentation in a safe place.
I am asking people who’ve been the victims of bike theft to post to the Brooklyn Bike and Board stolen bike registry. Like me, they are trying to be a resource for people to post bike thefts as written documentation and for the purpose of getting them back.

Here are a couple of other thefts that were sent to me:

Donna Darrell
Stolen: 6/14/10
I was wondering if you can help me. this is my 2nd bike stolen in 2 years and I’m so upset.
I parked it on a pole today 6/14 at 8:25 am. Just looked out the window at 1:50 pm and saw it missing.It was a dark ink midnight blue BIANCHI. Men’s bike. It was from Syd’s bikes. It had seat and wheel locks. Most distinctly it had a basket on the back.

I’m sick.
Just caught a bike thief red handed 2 weeks ago but he got away (and i have his clippers to prove it).

Please help,


Donna (

Also I received this one. (sorry to post so late)

I just had my bike stolen from 2 Astor Place in front of the Astor Place Barbers. It was locked, lock was gone with the bike when I got back outside. It is a blue GT Transeo 3.0 with shocks on the front and toe clip pedals. Picture is attached and it is a hybrid, upright bike. On the right handle, the plastic box that covers the cables for shifting is cracked open. I have the seat with me so there is a good chance the bike is seatless. Please call Ryan at 646.548.4700 if you see it. Thank you.

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