New Bike Shop opening in Brooklyn

I know its hard to believe but it just keeps going:

Rolling Orange
269 baltic street (between Smith St. and
brooklyn, ny 11201
(718) 935-0695

A press release:

Rolling Orange will open it’s doors on Saturday June 12th at 2 PM, 269 Baltic Street in Brooklyn.

Rolling Orange is going to be more than a bike store; our mission is to introduce Dutch cargo and city bikes as common part of the Brooklyn streetscape (and beyond).
We are promoting a different urban life style; moving from ‘the fast lane into the slow lane’ with closer attention for what is going on in daily urban life.
In addition to selling bikes and accessories, we start hosting several events – from movie-nights, to lectures to bike-related events – in this way we would like to become a valued asset to the local community.

6 comments to New Bike Shop opening in Brooklyn

  • cr

    Can a bike store sustain itself only selling Dutch cargo and city bikes? Guess we’ll find out.

  • d.aptrick

    just waite until the first time they try to haul one of those things up 3 flights of steps.

  • J.Dougherty

    Last year when I figured out I wanted upright, sturdy, quiet elegance, with gears for hills, good brakes, built in lights,fenders, carrier, chain guard, something with a solid reputation for low maintenance and year round use that was not made in China or sold in a toy store and expected to break down and force a re-purchase, the answer was Batavus Breukelen. Any bike that gets you from A to B in typical efficient bike style is a good bike. I also have an adult trike and a little 20″ folder for the subway. They’re all gems. I added a front basket, a rear pannier and a couple of bells. I customized the seat with inserts and dish towels under pretty bike caps. I found my answer, and I never looked back. You only make your best choice by looking at all the options, and your own needs and abilities.Running errands is a pleasure now. And my legs look good for 60, I am no longer “pre-diabetic”.

  • Marsha

    I am looking for a Batavus bike that I can commute on around NYC. I need to try out the bike or bikes before I buy one. Thank you

  • Marsha

    I am looking for a batavus bike. Please advise.

  • Michael Green

    I would try Adeline Adeline in NYC or HUB (Hudson Urban Bicycle)-George Bliss’s shop. Both address’s are available online. I believe they are dealers.