Pedal for Pizza

Here is a new one.

A couple of riders in Brooklyn want to train for TA’s NYC Century in September. They also love pizza so they started a new blog called:

They want to have group rides and search for the best pizza in town.

Thanks to my suggestion…they are headed to Coney Island to Totonno’s for their kickoff ride and they want you to come along.

Thursday, July 1st
Here is some info on the ride:
Special thanks go to Michael Green of BikeBlogNYC (twitter @BikeBlogNYC)

Not only was he the second person to follow us back, he also banged out an email expressing his interest so fast it made our heads spin. Totonnos is his favorite pizza place, and his suggestion, so credit goes to him for this one, thanks Mike!

From their “about” page

“Still standing, Totonno’s is the oldest continuously operating pizzeria in the U.S. run by the same family. “

They now have 3 locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan and have been heralded by the likes of Zagat as “The best pizza in New York, possibly the world” and “Only God makes better pizza” and Readers Choice as the “Best pizza in Manhattan”

We’ll be meeting in front of Gino’s at 6:30p with a 6:45p departure time

We expect to return between 8:30p and 9:00p

Wont you join us for this ~14mile ride?

~The Pedalers~

8 comments to Pedal for Pizza

  • cr

    Y’know what guys? Just ride your bikes, and eat your pizza, and stop publicizing everything. “Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!” Urgh, how boring.

    Also, this isn’t how you train for a century ride (esp. the NYC Century which is not an easy ride). You train by going out a couple times a week and riding your bike very hard for an hour or two. You don’t do it by slowly riding to get pizza and beer. Eyes on the prize folks. Eyes on the prize.

  • InDaDrops

    agreed. we’re riding a bike to get a slice of pizza! we’re oblivious to the fact that this is something that people have done in NYC probably every day for the last 75 years! but we are not oblivious to our vital contribution to bike “culture”! we’re part of a new movement called velogastronomy! woo-whee!

    i’m going to ride my bike in circles around the park tonight and drink TWO different flavors of gatorade while i do it. it’s CRAZY. i call it pedaling for electrolytes. won’t you join me?

  • The purpose of this ride is to have fun and find good affordable food around NYC, its only once a week, and we are well aware that this alone won’t prepare us for a century.

    I have already ridden more than one century, and I am currently in race training, I started this for my recovery rides, very slow pace and just for fun. Not to mention the other person who began this with me trains in a spin class 3-4x a week with a USA cycling coach (also my race trainer).

    You’re more than welcome to join us, or not, but do everyone a favor and ride the way you want to, because we will, and we certainly aren’t going to be discouraged by your negative attitudes.

    This is for fun, if you think it’s boring, fine, let it be, but this is not shameless self-promotion, if you look at the site, my name is nowhere to be found.

    This is a community building activity, to meet people and have a good time, if you don’t want a part of it, it’s your loss, but we welcome anyone. It’s too bad you feel the way you do, I know this is going to be great.

    ~Paul Agostinelli~

  • cr

    “@bikeblognyc i saw the comments, and responded appropriately (nice and diffusing) actually, waiting for moderation, theyre just jealous :)”

    Jealous? Sorry, no. Moderation? What – you can deep-dish it out but can’t take it? Moderation seems very unlike this website.

  • Actually, you misunderstood, MY comment is awaiting moderation as it is the first time I’ve posted on this site.

    I have no issue with you expressing your opinions, you’re just as entitled to have and express them as anyone else, as for “dishing it out” I really have no idea what you’re referring to, I have said nothing but positive things.

    ~Paul Agostinelli~

  • promoter

    best pizza, new spot on 1st ave between 7th and 8th streets… hate to give an ad but it is the best pizza fro real… with baked garlic on the side as a condiment and fresh basil.. also, well now your name is in it!

  • Mitch

    This should be a cool ride! Cruising and stopping for pizza sounds perfect.

    On question?

    Are you making reservations at Totonno’s? As far as I have ever known, the pizza is supposed to be great, but there is always a long line.

    Maybe they can reserve space if you tell them a group is coming.

  • We actually showed up at 8:00 on the dot (when they close) but the girl who came to the door when I knocked on the glass was kind enough to have the cooks put together a pie for us, just because we rode 8 miles to get there (and the blog publicity, however minimal, didn’t hurt)

    thanks to the 5 guys who came out and rode, it was a great first ride!

    ~Paul Agostinelli~