Stolen bikes

got two to report. One comes from Allison Boucher who just had her new bike stolen.


I had my brand new bike stolen last night, and I’d appreciate it if you could post this on the blog.

My bike was a Giant Boulder SE for Women, size Medium (2010). It is white with orange stripes on the frame, and orange handlebars. It looks pretty shiny and new – i didn’t even get to ride it yet. Left it in the building for about 6 hours and it was gone when i got home!

The bike was locked to a stairwell on the first floor of my apartment building. It was a pretty cheap lock and the thief just smashed it apart, though I’m not sure how he got in the building. The building is on Hooper St. between Marcy and Lee Ave in South Williamsburg.

I was pretty crushed to lose it. If you’ve seen it anywhere please let me know, I’d be truly grateful.

any info contact:

Spike, front man of classic East Village punk band Sewage, got his bike stolen and he needs it for messenger work.

Stolen ave a and 7th at rays candy
Thurs June 4 2010
Has sewage stickers on it.

Message from Chris Ryan of Teamspider. There is also a partial serial number on it-

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